Metabolism Makeover for Runners

Metabolism Makeover for Runners: My Amazing Experience and Review

Running to the Metabolism Makeover

If you’re a runner who’s looking to lose weight and perform better, then this post is for you. We’ll be taking a comprehensive look at The Metabolism Makeover to help you with your performance and feel better.


What is the Metabolism Makeover

The metabolism makeover is a program created by Registered Dietician Megan Kober. She believes that weight loss and feeling good is more than just calories in and calories out. She has thrown the rule book out the window and made a more approachable system for lifelong health for her coaching clients.

The tagline of the Metabolism Makeover is to Lose weight by Increasing your metabolism, not decreasing your calories.

Now, in some ways this sounds like it is too good to be true. Can you really get healthy and lose weight without counting anything? If you are a graduate or coach of the metabolism makeover then the answer is definitely a YES! But there are some caveats to that.

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The Basics of the Metabolism Makeover

The Metabolism Makeover is a 30 day program that teaches you the science behind weight loss and increasing your metabolism.

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Week 1

The premise of week one is learning all about blood sugar. This is the bread and butter of the program. Blood sugar regulation is essential for everyone, not just diabetics. This week will set the groundwork to ensure long-lasting success past the 30 days. By learning about how food influences your blood sugar, you’ll be able to pair foods and manage your sugars & hormones which prevents that dreaded 5lb gain after a night out with friends!

Week 2

This is the week that movement and exercise is discussed. Here is where she challenges the participants to “rethink cardio”. The best way to decrease weight and increase metabolism is to strength train. I love this part of the program…kinda. We’ll get into my thoughts on week 2 later.

This week teaches how to use exercise to work for you instead of against you.

Week 3

How to make this a lifestyle. This week is about how to deal with all that life throws at you. You’ll learn how to “go off plan”, even though there isn’t exactly a plan to follow, and not bloat up and gain weight.

This week teaches how to travel, work, and be social without having to start over on weight loss each Monday.

Week 4

This week touches on everything else that plays a part in metabolism. How sleep, stress, and hormones all work together either for you or against you in your weight loss and health journey. This section teaches you how to get them to work for you in your goals!

PHFF – Protein Health Fat Fiber

This is the backbone of the good blood sugar battle. This is the basis of the program and what Megan talks about on her website and social media all the time.

Her philosophy and training sates that if you structure your meals with these 3 components then you are on your way to success to managing your blood sugar.

What is Included in the Program

The program is all-inclusive. Not only do you have 30 days in a facebook group and all the trainings to learn how to master your metabolism but you also get:


After the program though you aren’t on your own! You also get an included 30-day membership to her M3 program. Which is the continuation program after you finish the initial metabolism makeover that includes more support from graduates and even more trainings.

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My Experience with Metabolism Makeover

After years of contemplation and following Megan on social I finally decided to take the plunge and went through the program in August of 2022.

I’ll admit, I’ve tried several weight loss/diets. Both for the reasons to lose weight and to perform better. Plus I needed to heal my relationship with food.

This is the kicker, metabolism makeover helped me heal my relationship with food. It showed me how to be balanced and I stopped (usually) having binge moments because I didn’t have a balanced blood sugar.

That is worth its weight in gold to me.

Did I Lose Weight on Metabolism Makeover

Not really. Well, not yet. But weight loss wasn’t the biggest goal for me when I enrolled. I wanted the education on how to fuel my body, feel better, and have a better relationship with food.

This program did those things for me. 100%.

Hopefully, I’ll stick with things a little better than I have been and balance things and the weight that I want to lose will start to come off.

A lot of people, most in fact, lose weight eventually on this program. But keep in mind, that this isn’t a fast weight loss program. Most people lost the majority of their weight after the initial 30 days and even up to a year after completing it. Think long-term here.

Is Metabolism Makeover a Good Fit for Runners

Yes and no.

This is where I had a little bit of a problem with it. They kinda bagged on cardio, like really don’t recommend it. In fact they encourage runners to not really run at all during the first 30 days.

They claim that too much cardio-based activity can increase inflammation and decrease metabolism.

Okay, so the science makes sense. They explain the reasoning behind this in really good detail in the program. I can even get behind it too. Short term at least.

The goal of the 30 days is to reset and start to heal your metabolism. Running isn’t really conducive to this. Contrary to what many people believe.

But I do 100% recommend this program for runners.

Whether you take the advice to stop running during the program or not is irrelevant. The information and training you get on how to fuel and how to nourish your body as a runner is priceless. It will make you a better runner.

You just need to go into this program with your wants and expectations in order.

There are a lot of runners in the community. And a lot of advice on how to incorporate running into the program while still losing weight.

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Do I Recommend Metabolism Makeover for Runners?

I don’t just recommend this program for runners. I recommend it to everyone. Whether you have weight to lose, a bad relationship with food, or just want to know how to nourish your body and support it throughout your life this program is amazing.

Metabolism Makeover is so much more than a weight loss program. It is a lifestyle program that TEACHES you how to fuel and care for your body long-term.

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Final Thoughts on Metabolism Makeover for Runners Review

In conclusion, Metabolism Makeover is a great program for anyone looking to learn how to properly nourish their body and develop healthy habits that will last. It provides valuable information on how the human brain works when it comes to making decisions about food, as well as tips on how to balance blood sugar levels to avoid binge moments.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want an education on proper nutrition, this program has something for everyone.

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