It is January and that means a new training cycle for my favorite/hometown half marathon. Today I am starting half marathon training for a May race #run #runner #halfmarathoner #halfmarathontraining #runtraining #trainingplan #halfmarathonplan #traininglog

My Training Log: Starting Half Marathon Training

2020 was quite the year of cancellations. I’m putting in my hopes and crossing my fingers that this race that I’m starting a training cycle for will actually happen. I was lucky enough to run this past fall in the same race’s fall event so there’s a chance! I felt very comfortable and safe during the event in Wichita, KS for the Prairie Fire Fall Half Marathon. I’m hoping that starting my half marathon training now for a May race will not be in vain!!

It is January and that means a new training cycle for my favorite/hometown half marathon. Today I am starting half marathon training for a May race

#run #runner #halfmarathoner #halfmarathontraining #runtraining #trainingplan #halfmarathonplan #traininglog

The Half Marathon Training Plan

I have yet to hire a coach. I have many reasons and I think that is a discussion for another time. In the past I have relied on myself to create a training plan and it is something I enjoy doing. However, this past winter I “purchased” (it was free from 80/20 endurance due to COVID-19) a maintenance program that 80/20 endurance has on their site that is usually a paid plan. I absolutely loved it and should probably do a review on it.

Since I loved this maintenance plan so much and I loved the book by Matt Fitzgerald I decided to use one of the premade plans for my half marathon training this go around. They are perfect for that “in between” of not wanting a coach but wanting someone else to make a plan for you.

Even better in my opinion is that I don’t have to create all the workouts for my Garmin in Garmin connect. These plans sync through training peaks to my Garmin and load right onto my watch!! My favorite watch that I’m currently using is the Forerunner 235 and have had it forever!!

This week’s workouts

Monday: Full body strength

Tuesday: Fast Finish Run

Wednesday: Foundation Run & Lower Body Strength

Thursday: Foundation Run

Friday: Fartlek Run & Upper Body Strength

Saturday: Foundation Run

Sunday: Long Run/Endurance Run

Starting Half Marathon Training – Feeling Strong

I mentioned above that over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a maintenance plan from Matt Fitzgerald/8020 endurance. I feel like I am going into this training cycle much stronger than I have in the past. I’m feeling good, refreshed, and my legs are ready to start increasing the mileage (and hopefully speed).

I can’t wait to see what this spring season has in store for me! I hope that you will follow along and help cheer me on as well as share your own struggles and successes here and on instagram! We are a wonderful community of runners and that is one of the best parts of running!

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