Complete XERO HFS Barefoot Running Shoes Review: The Best Shoes?

Xero HFS Running Shoe Review

Are you looking for a lightweight running shoe that won’t break the bank? The Xero HFS minimalist running shoe may be just what you need. It offers superior flexibility with its ultra-lightweight design, making it perfect for long-distance runs or speed workouts. Plus, it’s affordable and comes in several color options.

In this review blog article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of the Xero HFS minimalist running shoe and provide our verdict on whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money. So let’s get started!


The Xero HFS Minimalist Running Shoe

The Xero HFS minimalist running shoe is a lightweight, affordable option for those looking for an efficient and comfortable running shoe. The ultra-lightweight design allows for superior flexibility and natural foot feel, making it perfect for long-distance runs or speed workouts. Available in several color options, the Xero HFS is sure to turn heads while providing a comfortable ride.

Comfort, Speed, and Durability with XERO HFS Barefoot Running Shoes
Don’t judge that I got the boring gray ones instead of the fun colors!

Why You Should Go Barefoot on Runs

Going barefoot on runs has many benefits, such as improved balance and agility, better posture, reduced injury risk, and heightened sensory awareness of the terrain beneath one’s feet. It can also help strengthen foot muscles and improve proprioception (the sense of knowing where one’s body is in space).

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Xero HFS Running Shoe Features

Xero HFS barefoot running shoes are a popular choice among runners who prefer a natural, barefoot-like feel when they hit the pavement. These shoes are designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for a more natural stride and a closer connection to the ground.

One of the standout features of the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes is their Zero Drop design. This means that the heel and toe are at the same height, promoting a more balanced and natural stride. The shoe also has a wide toe box, allowing your toes to spread out and move naturally.

In terms of comfort, the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes receive high marks. The shoe’s flexible design allows for a comfortable fit. The shoe’s breathable upper helps to keep feet cool and dry, making them a good choice for hot weather running.

One thing to note about the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes is that they may not provide as much support as some traditional running shoes. This is because they are designed to allow for a more natural foot strike, which can be less supportive than a traditional heel-toe strike. If you have any concerns about your foot health or if you’re new to barefoot running, it’s a good idea to talk to a physical therapist or a running coach before making the switch.

Some other unique features that the the HFS boasts are:

Huarache-inspired design — the adjustable instep and midfoot straps are not just eye-catching but functional, giving you a secure and comfortable fit.

Vegan-friendly materials — No animal products are used in the HFS

5,000 mile sole warranty — like all Xero Shoes, the HFS is backed with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty and a 5,000 mile sole warranty.

Comfort, Speed, and Durability with XERO HFS Barefoot Running Shoes

Performance review – comfort, durability, traction, etc.

How do the Xero HFS shoes perform though? Isn’t that the big question that we as runners want answered?

This is a very subjective topic but here is my take on these shoes. They perform outstanding!

My favorite feature of barefoot shoes like the HFS is the fact that they last longer than a traditional running shoe, making them a more economical option. How do they not wear out as fast? Well…modern technology is great but it comes at a price. Fancy, “traditional” running shoes have features that break down over time. In fact, it is recommended to replace your traditional shoes every 400-600 miles.

Comfort, Speed, and Durability with XERO HFS Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot shoes don’t have this issue. They don’t have spots that will breakdown and cause the shoe to not perform the way it was supposed to. The whole purpose of barefoot shoes is to just protect your feet from the elements.

The comfort is a different category/beast. Keep in mind that these are barefoot shoes, you aren’t going to have a bunch of cushioning etc. However, in terms of comfort, I think these are awesome shoes. I like to be barefoot and with the wide toebox, natural fit, and flexibility they are some of my most comfortable shoes.

Don’t buy these if you are expecting padding though. The purpose of these shoes is to protect your feet when you are wearing them but that’s about all.

Wearing barefoot shoes can take some getting used to though so keep in mind that you will have to train your feet to like these if you haven’t worn barefoot/minimalist shoes before.

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Final verdict – is it worth your money or not ?

All in all, I think that the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes are a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and durable minimalist or barefoot shoe. The Zero Drop design promotes natural foot motion and the wide toe box allows ample room for your toes to move freely.

In terms of comfort, these shoes receive high marks and the 5,000 mile sole warranty gives you peace of mind that these shoes will last. If you are new to barefoot running, it is important to take your time and get used to these shoes slowly but if you’re an experienced barefoot runner, these shoes should work great for you. Ultimately, it is up to you as a

Overall, the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes are a great choice for runners who want a natural, barefoot-like feel when they run. They are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, making them a good choice for both short and long runs. Just be aware that they do not provide as much support as some traditional running shoes, so they may not be the best choice for everyone.


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Review of Xero HFS Minimalist Running Shoe

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