Best senita sports bra for large chest runners

Senita Sports Bra Review for Runners with Bigger Chests: A Must-Have for Your Running Wardrobe

Top 3 Senita Sports Bras for Runners with Large Boobs

If you are a runner with a bigger chest, then you know that finding a good sports bra can be a challenge. Sports bra designs vary so much and seem to struggle for the slightly larger-chested gals. That is why I was excited to try out all of the Senita Sports Bras to find the perfect fit! In this blog post, we will discuss the Senita Sports Bras in detail, and I’ll share my thoughts on how they performed during my runs.

The Hunt for the Best Bra for Runners

I was excited to try out most of the Senita Sports Bras because I am a runner with a bigger chest, and I know that finding a good sports bra can be a challenge. I have been an ambassador with Senita for almost a year now but have loved all of their products for a lot longer than that! However, I decided it was time to find the perfect running bra from them!

They aren’t a running-specific company but rather a well-rounded athletic and athleisure company that I was sure would have a great running bra. Prior to this year in about January, they didn’t have any specific “high impact” running bras. But that has changed! Crazy enough though…the two bras labeled high impact aren’t my favorite bra that they offer for running!

My Favorite Senita Sports Bra for Running with a Big Chest

Surprisingly my favorite bra to wear for running and all my activities isn’t one of their running or high-impact specific bras. Rather, it is the strappy sports bra!

This sports bra has quickly become one of my favorite sports bras to wear in general but especially while running.

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I’ll be honest, I was hesitant at first because I have a larger chest (I’m a 38DD) and I thought the fact that it was rated at medium impact would provide too little support. But after trying it on and going for a few runs in it, I have been pleasantly surprised!

It has a ton of support and I don’t feel like my chest is bouncing around at all while wearing it. I also don’t feel like I can’t breathe when I’m in it like a lot of high-impact running bras make me feel!

I also love the way it looks and how it feels on. The straps are adorable and it comes in a variety of colors and designs! The strappy detail in the back is where it gets the name and it is such a cute detail that also makes it have more support!

The only thing I don’t love about it is that it is a little bit low-cut. But that isn’t a deal breaker for me in a running bra!

My Runner Up is the Sculpt Support Bra For Large Chested Runners

My runner-up is the Sculpt Support Bra. This bra was designed with high-impact activities in mind and it definitely delivers!

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This bra has a ton of support and keeps everything in place no matter how much I move around. I never have to adjust it or readjust it while I’m running which is a huge plus!

The straps are also adjustable which is great a great feature for me especially because I tend to need tighter straps on all bras and tanks! The only downside that I have noticed on the straps is the way they adjust with a hook. After washing etc the hook isn’t hooked anymore and then I have to guess where I had it last time and what I liked. But that is just a minor inconvenience.

I don’t love the way it looks, it is just a basic bra. It isn’t the cutest bra I’ve ever seen but it definitely gets the job done! However, the new two-tone color that they recently came out definitely gives it more pizazz!

It comes in a few different colors but they are all pretty basic. FOR NOW! Since this is a newer product from Senita for 2022 they are doing limited colors but they have already added to the colors from when they first launched it at the beginning of the year!

I think the Sculpt Support Bra is a great option for larger-chested runners who are looking for a high-impact sports bra. It provides everything you need in a running bra and then some!

My Number 3 pick for Running Bras from Senita: Run Free High Impact Bra 

My number three pick from Senita is the Run Free High Impact Bra. This was the second in Senita’s high-impact running bra launch. It definitely has great support.

The big pro (or for me con) is that it is a front zip style bra. I don’t love front zip-style bras because I struggle with them. I love how easy they are to get off but I just can’t seem to get the hang of getting them on.

But if you don’t mind a front zip-style bra then this is a great option! It has a ton of support and comes in some really cute colors and designs! The straps are also adjustable on this one too!

However, a big feature that they added to this front zip is the adjustable band in the back. So you can either do it traditional bra closure style in the back or just adjust the back and then zip it up in front.

Another thing that I love about this particular bra is the higher neckline. Any type of scoop neck on us larger chest gals tend to not have as much support (usually) and they show off WAY more than our friends that are less endowed!

So the higher neckline is a great option for those of us that want more support and don’t want to show off the girls as much.

Final Thoughts on the Best Senita Bras for Large Breast Runners

I would (and do) wear all three of these daily for my runs. They give me the support I need without any of the discomfort I usually find in higher-impact bras.

The Strappy bra is my favorite of the three because it has great support and I love how it feels on. I was pleasantly surprised with how much support it had for a medium-impact bra and it makes me feel fun and energetic when I’m wearing it!

The best thing about all three of these bras is their value and quality from Senita. I know that I’m getting a great quality product when I order from Senita and that these will last me for quite a long time!

In addition to being a great product, Senita is extremely affordable! Win-Win!! Plus if you are a new customer and use my code ABBY15 you get an additional 15% off your first order!!

What is your favorite running bra?

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3 Best Senita Bras for Large Chested Runners

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