Today ended up being a rest day for the most part. We did go for our *mostly* nightly walk and got in 2 miles before it was time to get Liam to bed.


25 minute fast finish run per my first day of Half Marathon Training for the Spring Prairie Fire Half Marathon in May.

I actually ran out of time this morning so ended up doing a 2-a-day and had time to do a Full Body Strength from my guide which you can get HERE, before heading to pick up my little coach from daycare!


Did some mobility work followed by a 2 mile nice and easy peasy run! Love these easy recovery run days. Rest is so so important!!


Today was a planed easy or foundation run but when the alarm clock went off I was exhausted. I went back to sleep. I was so tired that the night before I even fell asleep on the couch about an hour before I usually go to bed. My body was definitely telling me that I needed to sleep and recover more!!

Ended the evening with a 3 mile family walk! I feel like this is just as beneficial in some ways as a foundation or recovery run! Still got some time in on my legs but lower intensity that lets me continue to recover like my body was telling me to!


32 minute Fartlek style run. Got 3 miles in total with the intervals!

Went in after work and did a Full Body Strength workout to get a third strength session in for the week! Gotta keep things strong to prevent injury and become a faster runner!


2 easy shake out miles to get ready for my long run tomorrow. Lots of good food and rest today as well!!


Convinced a friend to go for a run with me this morning for my 5 mile long run. She is also doing the spring prairie fire half marathon. So happy to have had a friend to run with!! The rest of the day was filled with relaxing and good food!


  • strength training: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Running Miles: 14.42
  • Walking Miles: 8 (a short walking week for us due to weather!)

Keep Running!


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