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Each week I like to post about what I did over the last week in terms of workouts. This is to help keep me accountable and maybe even motivate someone else to get out there and get moving! My weekly workouts tend to stay fairly consistent as far as schedules go but I am currently training for my 4th Half marathon this spring and am ramping up my mileage while trying to keep up with strength training!


3 mile family walk after dinner! Love my easy days on Monday that are a rest day for me!! If I miss the walk I’m not worried about it but it was nice to get outside again after a week of bad weather that prevented the walks!


Started the morning with a pyramid style interval run and then finished off with a full body strength. Remember you can get a runner’s specific strength program RIGHT HERE!


The weather is supposed to get SUPER cold this weekend (for us anyway) and I took full advantage of the 30 degree morning to get some miles outside! Today was an easy recovery run day that was 30 minutes long. I was able to cover 2.78 miles while keeping my heart rate low and in the right zone! I’ll take it as a win!


I was feeling a little on the tired side so I decided to just do my strength workout for the day and then walk a little bit. I had an easy run scheduled but decided my body needed some rest today!


So glad I didn’t run yesterday and took it a little easier. Last night I wasn’t feeling great with the huge change in weather and this morning I decided to sleep in and let my body heal. I had a hill workout on the schedule but it is just going to have to get missed this week. Rest is more important when my body is asking for it. I don’t want to do it tomorrow because that is too close to my long run on Sunday!

Family fun at the park!

Ended up going for a quick mile walk to the park to get some movement in today but it was just perfect! Wanted to enjoy the warmer weather before the snow came in!


Took another rest day today. We got a lot of stuff done around the house by my sinuses just weren’t up to it. As a whole I just felt a little worn out.


4 mile long run!! Coldest run of the winter yet!! We had icicles on our eyelashes and the sidewalks were a little icy but we got in some easy miles for this lower mileage week!

Long run done! Now time to cheer in the Chiefs!!!


  • strength training: 41 minutes
  • Running Miles: 9.17
  • Walking Miles: 6.92

What Worked This Week

Felt strong on my 4 mile run Sunday and also for both of my strength training workouts. I’ve stopped tracking macros and am focusing more on intuitive eating. Reading a lot of information from Anne at Fannetastic Food. She is a runner and has so much information. Hopefully, with time and practice, I’ll get better at fueling without tracking everything!

What Needs Extra Work

Definitely need to keep working on building up for more frequent training days and the high mileage for the week. I think that in addition to the weather is what caused me to feel so beat up Friday and Saturday making me need more rest. That is what listening to your body is all about though!! I’ll get there! I’m just not used to running 6 days a week plus 3 strength training days!

Keep Running!


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