Well, this past week has taken a turn for the worse in terms of weather and it is only getting worse!! Due to the cold temps and snow/ice all of my workouts were inside!! This is the completion of week 4 of my half marathon training plan for my May race. I may have overestimated the mileage/number of workouts that I was ready for when I purchased this plan. Don’t be like me. Luckily, it is easy for me to modify and take an extra rest day when it calls for a foundation run as needed. I’m hoping that I will work my way up to the full load the plan calls for throughout the weeks.


Rest day!! This is my usual scheduled rest day and it felt great!


Started the morning with a pyramid style interval run and then finished off with a full-body strength. Remember you can get a runner’s specific strength program my Run Strong Program!


The weather is supposed to get SUPER cold this weekend (for us anyway) and I took full advantage of the 30 degree morning to get some miles outside! Today was an easy recovery run day that was 30 minutes long. I was able to cover 2.78 miles while keeping my heart rate low and in the right zone! I’ll take it as a win!


Another rest day today!! Still getting used to and building up to 6 days a week of workouts!


This morning was a solid Full-Body strength workout from my Run Strong program and a Fartlet type speed session on the indoor track. 3 miles total for the speed workout and I felt great after!!

Weekly run down. Weekly workout. Half marathon training, strength training for runners.

The weather set in today and I ran out of time to get to the gym to get a base run in!


Today the plan was a 10K race. Well, I chickened out. They still held the race but the snow and below zero temps just didn’t work for me. I decided to play it warm and stay home. I will do the alternate virtual option of it soon!


  • strength training: 39 minutes
  • Running Miles: 5.87
  • Walking Miles: 0

What Worked This Week

Felt strong for both of my strength training workouts. I’ve stopped tracking macros and am focusing more on intuitive eating. Still working on the nutrition side and trying to learn as much as I can. This week I was looking at and exploring Holley From FitCookieNutrition and all the great advice she has for runners!!

What Needs Extra Work

Still need to work on base building and getting used to more frequent workouts. Hopefully, the weather clears up and warms up soon to get back at it!!

Keep Running!


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  1. So many of us got hit (hard!) with cold weather this week. I’m in Iowa, so cold winters are par for the course, but not extreme temps (low-single digits for the “high”) for an extended period. It’s going to feel almost tropical if the 30’s really arrive this coming weekend 😉

    1. Right!! Friday is supposed to be sunny and 33 here and I can’t wait and then next week back into the 50s….typical Kansas honestly lol!

  2. I’m right with you back base building.

    I tracked macros religiously for a few years — it’s good training, but eventually I let that go and pretty much do eat intuitively now. Took me decades (literally) to get to this point, though.

    1. It definitely is good training but I just can’t do it anymore!! I like to do it off and on just to check up on how much I’m eating etc!! Definitely not for me long term!

  3. I swear I think FL is the only place in the country with decent weather right now. My mom keeps sending me pics of the cluster that is Chicago right now. I’d be skipping that cold, icy race and opting for virtual as well. Ha!

    1. Me too!! I was so excited to have a live race again and that it fit right into my half training perfectly. Then this silly polar vortex had to ruin everything!!

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