What is Mobility and Why Runners Need it Today.

Mobility and Running

Mobility is a hot topic in the running world today. But what is it, and why do runners need it? In this blog post, we will discuss what mobility is and dispel some of the common misconceptions and myths about mobility in runners. Stay tuned for more information on how you can improve your own mobility and stay injury-free!

What is Mobility and why do runners need it

Simply put, mobility is the ability for you to actively control your range of motion that you are able to produce. This is different than flexibility, which is the amount of range of motion that you are able to passively achieve.

Mobility does not equal flexibility and flexibility does not equal mobility! You can be flexible and still have very poor mobility in a joint.

Mobility vs flexibility for runners. why runners need mobility.

In my opinion, mobility supersedes flexibility almost always. However, you need both to be at optimal movement.

For runners, having good mobility is important in order to avoid injuries and improve performance. If your muscles and joints can’t go through the entire range of motion with each stride, you won’t be as efficient, won’t run as quickly, and your risk of injury will rise dramatically.

Why is Mobility important for Runners?

When you are lacking in mobility you aren’t moving through your joint’s full range of motion. This in turn, can lead to an uneven distribution of pressure.

What this uneven pressure means is that your articular surfaces, or where your joints connect one bone to the next, may wear out faster.

Poor mobility also means that your neuromuscular system (muscles and nerves) may adapt to the lack of mobility and cause pain and that feeling of perpetual tightness no matter what you do to stretch out!

The Benefits of Mobility for Runners

There are many benefits of mobility for runners, which is why it is so important to make sure you are mobile! Some of the key benefits include:

1) Mobility helps to reduce the risk of injury. If your muscles and joints can move through a full range of motion, you are less likely to injure yourself.

2) Mobility helps improve your running efficiency. If you can move through a greater range of motion, you will be able to run faster and with less effort.

Mobility vs flexibility for runners. why runners need mobility, what is mobility.

Mobility and flexibility combined to create a larger range of motion that the muscles can operate within with control. This allows you to generate more force when pushing off the ground, having a stronger knee drive, and most importantly preventing injuries.

Having good mobility and control of your range of motion requires you to put less effort into the actual movement and then instead put that effort and force into running.

How Mobility Can Help Prevent Running Injuries

Mobility is important for runners because it allows them to move through a greater range of motion, which in turn reduces their risk of injury. If your muscles and joints can move through a full range of motion, you are less likely to injure yourself.

If your mobility has decreased, certain muscle groups may not be activated during a run. As a result, other muscles must compensate and become overworked.

Mobility training keeps your joints healthy, supple, and ready to move. By regularly working on mobility you are keeping an eye on your body and staying in tune with it to know when something is off. Knowing your body and being aware is a huge key to preventing injuries from happening!

How Runners can Improve their Mobility

Practice mobility!! It really is as simple as that. Many out there will tell you to foam roll and use percussion etc etc but these are passive, they don’t help you control your body.

Always remember to start where you are with your mobility.

The great thing about mobility vs flexibility is that everyone is different, stop trying to be as “flexible” as that other person you are seeing on instagram. It doesn’t make them a better runner, being able to control your movement through mobility work is what will make you a better, more resilient runner!

Mobility is achieved by practicing controlling and going through movements dynamically.

Mobility work is one of the best warm ups to do before a run actually! You can hit two birds with one stone here and get your warm up and mobility work done in one go.

Dynamic moves such as hip gates, thoracic rotations, lunge twists, and more are a great starting point. These exercises help to increase blood flow and prepare your body for the run ahead!

Top Mobility Exercises for Runners

The best mobility exercises for runners are the ones that you need to do. I know that seems a little unhelpful but it is true.

Everyone has a different area that they need to work on when it comes to mobility and finding yours will be the key to success.

However, the main areas that runners should specifically focus on when it comes to mobility are the hips and ankles, as these are often restricted areas.

Final Thoughts on Mobility and How it can Help You as a Runner

Overall, mobility is an important aspect of running and should be worked on regularly to help prevent injuries. By practicing mobility exercises, runners can improve their range of motion and control, which in turn will make them a faster and more efficient runner.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start working on your mobility!

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What is Mobility and How Does it Help Runners?

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